Frame Kit for Tile Mats

Frame Kit for Tile Mats (3/4" thick)

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This frame kit is designed specifically for 1" thick tile mats.   This 3/4" thick oak border includes a 45-degree beveled edge, pre-drilled and countersunk holes, mounting anchors for a concrete floor, and wood hole plugs to give you the perfect finished look. Each piece is 1.5" wide x 6' long, 3/4" thickness. The kit includes five 1.5" wide x 6' long pieces (3/4" thick), for a total of 30 linear feet.

Featured benefits:

  • Securely frame-in your mats to keep them in place
  • Reduced tripping hazard
  • Adds a clean and professional look to your facility
  • Hard Oak

Dimensions: 1.5" wide, 6' wide, 3/4" thick