Oasis Essentials Premium Yoga Mat (5mm)

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Offered in two sizes: Regular(26.5" x 72") and Long ( 26.5" x 78" - Currently Sold Out)

Our premium Oasis line offers the best grip of any yoga mat in the industry. The Oasis line is a 100% biodegradable rubber yoga mat is made out of naturally available rubber.

This mat features an amazing non-slip surface that will leave you grounded in your practice beyond anything you have experienced before.

High Density: Our mats are durable and substantial. Made from pure rubber, they give you a high degree of protection for your joints. You will feel the difference with better weight distribution than other mats. Your body will appreciate the added comfort and protection for knees, elbows and other joints.

Extreme Non-Slip: Our Natural Rubber mat is a completely anti-slip surface. The surface
provides a soft, yet grippy feel that will hold you in place as you perform your poses.

Carrying Strap: Our Tranquil Yogi carrying strap lets you neatly roll up and easily carry your mat around. The carrying strap also doubles as a practice aid, helping you expand, stretch and support your poses.

100% Natural: Feel grounded and centered as you practice on this fully natural surface.