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Shok-Turf is an indoor fitness solution that is built to hold up to the abuse that functional training puts on a surface. It has a high resiliency to slamming, jumping and sled pulling as well as ground based activities and high traction for sure footedness. Velcro can be added for temporary installations and zero infill is required.

Full range of markings and logos can be inlaid with a full spectrum of colors replacing the need to paint and repaint markings over the life of the surface. Shok-Turf will also hold up to outdoor installations on solid concrete and asphalt bases with drainage considerations in place. No infill means easier maintenance and up to 10% cooler outdoors.

  • Made in USA
  • High Traction and High Sled Resiliency
  • 12’ widths - Offered in 9 convenient colors (green is offered in 12 or 15’ widths)
  • 9/16” thickness
  • Inlaid graphics and logos available
  • 5 Year limited warranty