Tranquility Traveller Yoga Mat - Cork (3mm)

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Dimensions: 26.5" x 72" x 3mm

Our 100% biodegradable Cork Yoga mat is made entirely out of naturally available cork and rubber. Feel an instant and heightened connection with your body as you perform Yoga or other exercises. Sit, kneel, lay or perform your poses in comfort on this earthy cork mat.

High Density: Our mats are made from pure rubber, giving you a quality feel as well as better weight distribution. Consistently providing you with added comfort and protecting your knees and other joints from the hardness of the floor.

Non-Slip: Cork is an anti-slip surface by nature. The surface provides a soft, yet grippy feel that will hold you in place as you perform your poses.

Antimicrobial: Cork is naturally anti-microbial. Enjoy a low maintenance, germ free-surface.

Odor Free:
Cork’s anti-microbial properties mean you never have to worry about odors. Regular cleaning is just a wipe down with fresh water every week or so.

Carrying Strap:
A convenient carrying strap lets you neatly roll up and easily carry the mat around. The carrying strap also doubles up as a performance aid, helping you expand, stretch or support yourself, while improving your strength, balance and flexibility.

100% Natural:
Feel a grounded and centered as you practice on this fully natural surface. Smells of natural cork and rubber provide a comforting earthiness as you lay on our mats, a welcome change from the traditional yoga mats that emit strong chemical and foam odors.