Yoga Wheel - Cork or Rubber Top

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Dimensions: Diameter: 12” (32cm), Width: 5” (13cm)
Top Surface Options: Cork or Rubber

Our yoga wheel will let you comfortably stretch and strengthen your body. Use the wheel for deep back, shoulder, chest and hip stretches. Backbends are an absolute pleasure with this light yet sturdy wheel. With a firm, stable but very comfortable feel, our yoga wheel can help you improve your balance and form.

Performance-Aid: Nothing opens your back, shoulder and chest like our wheels. Our wheels also help you strengthen your core, achieve better balance and open many new dimensions to your yoga sessions.

Though lightweight, you can be assured of our wheel’s strength as we have rigorously tested it. Whether you are slight of frame, or of larger stature this wheel has the strength to support you to reach your goals.

Whether on your back, feet, knees or core, this thickly padded wheel is designed for comfort.