“Good Morning Blake. I just want to say thank you. It was a great choice in mats and I am very pleased. I put them down the other day and love them”  —Pharoah F

"I have worked with Blake of Victory Athletic Surfaces for the last 3 and a half years. His customer service is amazing: He is always easy to get a hold of. His turn around time is impressive. I can call at 8 am and have a quote in a few hours. 

He goes above & beyond: I appreciate him going above and beyond even when on vacation or coming up on the holidays. He always had coverage to ensure flawless execution and excellent service. 

He didn’t leave me hanging: Out of 8 orders we only had 1 situation that came up with a new shipping company that he was using to save EVERYONE money. This was not his fault. The factory got the order to our town but the 3rd party over booked. I was trying to be patient but after the second day with an issue, I texted him and he had it resolved and delivered in 2 hrs. 

Whenever I have flooring needs, I will always turn to Victory!" —Jackie C.E., Chicagoland Fat Loss Camps

"I just ordered a very nice yoga mat from Victory Athletic Surfaces. Although their company does provide a lot more than mats for home use (schools, gyms, etc.), their home mats are terrific, especially now when many people are skipping the gym due to COVID. Now I have no excuses to do my floor exercises. Plus, they are a joy to work with - very informative and friendly. I highly recommend this company."  —Carol H

"Thanks so much! You guys have been great. A friend of mines daughter is special needs and was in need of a mat for her physical therapy! She had no luck, so we took over and helped to get her one ASAP! You’ve all made it so easy!! Thank you again!"  —Amanda M, Cheerfactor Gym

"Victory has made a significant difference for our program. From the customer service, their events and everything in between, they have always been pretty remarkable!! Victory has always been so helpful and willing to work with us. We completely trust their team and always look forward to what they have to offer! We strongly suggest Victory Athletics for competitions, apparel, equipment and much more!"  —World Class Athletics PCB

"I want to give a huge shout out to Victory Athletics! In May of last year, I purchased my first full spring floor. The installers were beyond amazing. In the midst of installing, they realized they'd forgotten some parts. One of the staffers had their mom drive from Mississippi to bring those parts, so that I wouldn't have to wait to have my floor fully installed. 2 weeks ago, I called Holly and told her I needed a Tumble Track. Low and behold, a premier track from a closing gym was being transported back to the warehouse and I was asked if I wanted it. I initially wanted a 15 to 20ft, but this track was 40ft and I claimed it. There was no staff available for Saturday and that was the only day my husband was off. The guys agreed to meet us up at the warehouse on that Saturday. We drove from Louisiana and I got my beautiful track. Victory came through and they are a blessing in the industry!"  —Belinda H, Impact Cheer

"I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Blake to purchase all my mat needs. I have ordered hundreds of rolls and every time he impresses me with his promptness and sincere care for his clients. Plus, the mats are phenomenal as well. Great product and great customer service is always a win-win situation."  —Andrew D, All Day Cheerleading, Inc.

"I have said since I was five that one day I would own my own gym. When the opportunity came.. out of nowhere and completely unexpected... I had no idea what I was doing or how I was going to do it. I had to find a building and equipment in two weeks. So the hunt was on. I began reaching out to anyone and everyone for help. I was given the contact info for Victory Athletics and this was my last shot! I contacted Justin and told him what was going on and my plan! Literally 3 days later my brand new spring floor was being delivered. Once it was delivered Justin drove 4 hours from Jackson to my little town just to see the gym and my progress and take me to dinner to talk about me getting things going. He will never know what that meant to me! Everyone at Victory is such a joy. Always lending a hand or just calling to check in and see how things are going. I am truly thankful for their program and all they do for my athletes and my gym!"  —Hannah J