Carpet Bonded Foam - 6' x 42' x 2" (NON-FLEX)

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Our USA-made carpet bonded foam mats are constructed from the best materials in the industry. These mats feature a heavy-duty 26 oz. needle punch carpet and lightweight crossed-link polyethylene foam.

This NON-FLEX version is made without the flexible rolling feature and is ideal for more permanent installations.


  • Durable 26 oz. needle punch carpet
  • Carpet and foam are flame-laminated for superior strength
  • One roll of 4" hook velcro is included for each seam
  • Three Year Limited Warranty

1) Carpet color shades may vary slightly between orders.
2) When applicable, the included hook fasteners will be the same color as the carpet unless requested otherwise during checkout.

Non-Flex Mat Warning: Non-Flex mats are rolled with carpet-side out, and will need several hours to lay flat on their own when unrolled. Please do not try to force the Non-Flex mat flat as that may damage the mat permanently. Non-Flex mats must be rolled back up with the carpet side out, and will be creased permanently if rolled up backwards.